Juglugger refrigerant strap  

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Stop Falling Down on the Job

Climbing ladder safely with Juglugger refrigerant strap

80 years of Carrying Refrigerant by Hand is history thanks to the JugLugger® Refrigerant Strap


The JugLugger® refrigerant strap quickly connects to refrigerant cylinders and frees technicians' hands to carry tools and climb ladders improving safety. Service calls can be reduced by as much as 10 minutes resulting in increased productivity. OSHA 1926.1053 on ladder safety, requires the use of two hands when climbing ladders; since 2007, thousands of HVACR technicians have started using a JugLugger refrigerant strap to move refrigerant from their service trucks and vans to job sites. Contractor testimonials are located here. One of the largest HVACR equipment service companies completed an assessment of the benefits of allowing their technicians to use the JugLugger refrigerant strap. This corporation approved the purchases and use of the JugLugger refrigerant strap to improve the productivity and safety of their service technicians.


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